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Castle Builder

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  • Castle Builder


    If you are into online slot or pokie games that have a bit of a story and side feature on it for added entertainment, the Castle Builder by Rabat Online Video Slots Game might be the perfect game for you. With the game, as you go along you are able to construct a castle and increase the size of the castle.

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    This way, if you typically play slots for an extended period of time, you can see your construction grow and build a rather impressive castle with other features and benefits that come with it. If you like the more traditional, three reels one play line version of slots that is straight forward and to the point, this might not be the best option, but you should still give it a chance. You might just find that this is the perfect game for you and it helps improve upon what traditional slots and pokies offer.

    With the Castle Builder by Rabat Online Video Slots Game, it features a five reel, 15 pay line game. The 15 pay lines helps keep it simple, without becoming over complicated with all the addition pay lines. This also helps if you are new to online slots and don't want to deal with 30 or more pay lines, which can become rather complicated to keep track of.

    It is possible to bet a wide variety of sizes. You can bet anywhere from .01 coin size all the way up to 1 coin per line. It all just depends on what sort of currency you are playing with. The maximum jackpot is 200 coins, based on what you are betting with.

    Now, the game is really all about the construction of your castle. Due to this, there are not many additional features to the game. There is no bonus game, no scatter symbol and no multiplier. There are also no free spins and no progressive jackpot. So, if you are looking for a game that gives you added bonuses and other ways to win, Castle Builder by Rabat Online Video Slots Game might not be the game for you. It does have a higher payoff percentage than most other games with the added features, but this is to make up for the fact that you are not going to win free spins or receive bonus games. Basically, if you want a straight forward game with a twist, this is a fun option.

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