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Snake Charmer

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  • Snake Charmer


    Learn the snake charming ways by playing Snake Charmer slots

    They say snake charmers live a wandering existence.

    But if playing snake charmer on a 5 reel 25 payline slots, the snake charmer online pokies only have to stay in one place. Themes are represented by the symbols of the snake charmer. The theme related symbols used in the snake charmer game include elephants, flutes, snake charmers, snakes and women.

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    The wildest symbol for the Snake Charmer slot games is well of course, the smiling snake! If the player wants to win 10 free spins, then all he has to do is spin three or more snake charmers on the screen. When spinning 5 snakes, the player can win 5,000 coins if on an active payline.

    To help the player win during free spins, the snakes almost completely come to life and move around and sometimes even covering the entire reel. The Snake Charmer slots game can be a lot of fun to play!

    There are multiple bonuses the player can receive if successful playing Snake Charmer. Some of those bonuses include Expanding Snakes, Free Games Bonus, Scattered Man and Wild Snakes.

    Does the player want to stake the game? There are over 200 ways to do that and it can be played wherever and whenever the player wants because of technology’s advancements in mobile gadgets.

    Hidden letter symbols on the reels hold the secrets of how to be a successful snake charmer. Snake charming is an ancient art. The player must gather as many symbols as he can to learn all the important lessons about being a snake charmer. But the player may also get between 5 and 200 times his stake for doing that.

    After this, the player will find he has moved his way up in the world and it may be time to work on those lessons learned by finding such things as snakes in baskets and the charmer’s pipe. This could help the player get up to 400 stakes.

    Thanks to the Snake Charmer game, if gamers have ever wondered what it was like to have the snake’s power, well now they can find out. Referred to as a ‘hissingly” good slot game, from High 5 games, the player who plays the snake charmer slots can discover snake charming skills without even knowing it. That includes finding all the snake charm accessories that are offered by the game.

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    How to Play The Snake Charmer

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