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So Much Candy

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  • So Much Candy


    So Much Candy is a new online pokie from Microgaming. The company has already created dozens of incredibly entertaining ways to win money, and their newest entry is another all star way to have a good time while winning prizes.

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    The game features 25 different win lines and numerous different ways to make a match along those lines. The player simply bets however many tokens they wish to wager on each spin, and starts to try for winnings. The icons are candy themed with a variety of sweet delights rolling across the reels.

    In addition, the symbols for a royal flush are present on the reels. Though they share the same colors as the candies, the card symbols and candies can't be matched together. Matching card symbols gives good payouts, but the real prizes come with matching candies. Once candies are matched the icons will change to reveal up to 5 candies in every space. This means that you can potential multiply your winnings by 25 for a single spin. So Much Candy is generous when it comes to its win lines; players get paid for every winning line on a spin, not just the highest value one.

    The game features two kinds of bonuses. The So Much Candy spaces work as wild cards. If you match them with candies, they won't increase, but the other candy icons can still multiply. The wild spaces are the key to hitting the big win; match three or more of these on a single line and watch your winnings skyrocket.

    The Scatter icons are how the pokie's bonus round begins. Each scatter has a satisfying sound of candy being rattled in a glass container as if it were just about to spill out. Spinning two scatter icons anywhere on the board pays out nicely, but the fun really starts when three or more show up at once. In the scatter bonus round the player gets to choose a symbol that will replace all other high symbols on the reels during free spins. High paying symbols give fewer spins, while the lower paying symbols give up to twice as many free spins. The game lets you decide how you want to maximize your winnings. So Much Candy is one of the most fun, lighthearted, and profitable pokies available online at the moment.

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    How to Play So Much Candy

    So Much Candy Paytable So Much Candy Features 3 So Much Candy Free Spins So Much Candy Paytable 2 So Much Candy Paytable 3

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