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Forsaken Kingdom

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  • Forsaken Kingdom


    Microgaming is known for bringing unique and exciting slot games to the world and Forsaken Kingdom is no exception. This wonderful pokie is designed around an exciting theme, features easy to follow rules, and also features many exciting bonus features.

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    Forsaken Kingdom is a pokie set in medieval times. This particular game is built around the legend of King Arthur and many of the characters and events of the King Arthur Saga appear in one way or another in this game. Some of the important visuals in this game include, the Knights of the Round Table and Excalibur. This is an exciting theme that many people will love having the opportunity to try out.

    The rules in Forsaken kingdom are fairly easy to follow, which makes this game ideal for those that are looking to jump into the world of slots, as well as those that are returning to slot games for the first time in many years. This pokie features a simple five reel system that is very easy to follow. Matching icons across any of the paylines will allow you to win a payout. This payout is dependent upon which icons you match. The rules of this pokie will be extremely easy to follow throughout the game and players will enjoy playing this game for hours at a time.

    One of the most important aspects to any slot game is the bonus features. Bonus features can make or break a pokie. Luckily, Microgaming is extremely skilled at crafting high quality bonus features that players will enjoy. One of the most important features in the pokie is the Round Table of Fortune feature. This feature requires the player to gather all twelve knights at the round table. Each knight is unlocked when players collect rare shield symbols. Another important feature in this pokie is the ability to unlock Free Spins. Both of these features allow players to capitalize on their good luck and increase their total payout. The most important bonus feature in the Forsaken Kingdom pokie is the Excalibur win feature. This feature builds up as the games continue and when it is finally unlocked it has the ability to massively increase your winnings.

    Forsaken Kingdom is a wonderful pokie that will allow players to travel to Arthurian times and enjoy the secrets of Excalibur. This game features a large number of wonderful bonus features and will be extremely easy for players to jump into.

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