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Pinocchio’s Fortune

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  • Pinocchio’s Fortune


    The enchanting pokie Pinocchio’s Fortune is a product of online gaming giant, Microgaming. It is based on Carlo Collodi’s classic story of a puppet who becomes a real boy called, The Adventures of Pinocchio. This pokie invites players to join Pinocchio along his many grand adventures.

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    Pinocchio’s Fortune features five spinning reels, thirty paylines, and is played inside a large wooden box such as Pinocchio’s creator, Geppetto, might fashion. The game is begun by selecting one of the thirty payline options. How these paylines turn out will depend on the resulting alignment of symbols which are another thing to consider.

    The symbols of this particular game also match this story theme: A cigar, a billard ball, a carving tool, a gold key, gold coins, Geppetto’s workshop, Geppetto himself, grade school textbooks, Pinocchio, and the fairy. Each symbol type is assigned a payout allotment that can be viewed on a graph at the paytable.

    The Pinocchio symbol is unique because it is a scattered symbol. This means that if three of these symbols are aligned, the player wins three extra spins. These scattered symbols come with a couple of other perks. One, every time a scatter symbol appears on the screen after a spin, Pinnoccio’s nose grows. When the round is over, depending on the length of the nose a number of prize boxes will appear. You select a box to get a prize. To, these scatter symbol alignments come with payments of their own.

    There is another kind of Pinnochio symbol which is a full picture of the Pinnochio puppet. This symbol acts as a wild symbol that matches everything. After a spin, if three matching symbols end up aligned side-by-side the player is eligible for the assigned payout.

    This particular game also acts as a board game. In addition matching symbols, each spin is moving your character along a path. If your spins are adequate to take you to the final square, you will win the ultimate prize. In the end, you will definitely not feel cheated after playing this lively pokie. You will have tons of fun with a game that is definitely not stingy with the prizes.

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