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So Much Sushi

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  • So Much Sushi


    So Much Sushi is a 25 pay-line, five reel, online video pokie. It is one of the three games that make the "So Much Trilogy", which includes So Much Monsters and So Much Candy. Most of its graphics are 2D but it uses short bursts of animation during its bonus stages. The theme is sushi. All the symbols are represented by piece of sushi and the whole game seems to take place in a Japanese styled restaurant. There is also mellow Japanese styled music playing in the background.

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    The graphics are bold and the game-play is easy for players to use. The average score for this pokie is an 8 out of 10. This game can be played for free online, but there will be no bets, and no money can be won. To bet players can pay as little as $0.01 and as much as $0.20 per pay-line. Some of the symbols used act as wild and scatter symbols the add uniqueness to each bet by starting, however there are no mini-games. There is also no gambling after each winning turn or progressive jackpot because there is a very high chance for players to win. So Much Sushi has hundreds of different reel combinations. However there is a 320,000 constant jackpot. So Much Sushi can be played one round at a time or for a specified number of bets.

    The So Much Sushi logo is the wild symbol and the bottle of soy sauce symbol is the scatter. If the user rolls three of the soy sauce symbols they are able to select one of five free spin options. These options replace all the higher valued reel symbols with single symbols and there is more of a chance to win higher paying combinations. The player can win anything from 16 free spins and 32,000 coins, to 8 spins and 64,000 coins. When the So Much Sushi logo appears on any of the reels another small bonus begins. It occurs almost randomly and takes high values and splits them into more values, making 5 symbols turn into 25. There will always be some sort of prize, whether it is free spins, coins, or a multiplier is up to chance. If the user is lucky this bonus can have the game paying up to a 560x multiplier, though it is much more likely that the player will at least receive a 6x multiplier.

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